3 October (Wed) - 5 October (Fri) 2007

Papa and mama brought me to my first cruise trip onboard Superstar Virgo when my passport was ready. Actually mama thought that i would have my first "stamp" on my passport from this trip but they didn't stamp on our passport... so disappointing.

Nevertheless, i had a few 1st time experience from this cruise:

First time took supper

As i usually slept by 10pm, this was the first time i took supper past midnight, I had some cake and porridge...yummies..

Me n papa at our cabin

Me n Auntie Kris at a Chinese restaurant for our breakfast.

1st time in a swimming pool

Mama bought me a swimming trunk for this trip. It was a cute orange swimming trunk with little whales on it ...hee...hee

I nearly dropped my swimming trunk! Auntie Kris quickly tied another knot for me.

I don't really like the water so i just walked in the pool...

First time watched musical

Don't understand the musical but i liked the music and their colourful costume.

Me n papa n auntie Kris at the threatre hall.

I enjoyed most at the game arcade. I liked those vehicles with wheels!

Mama said me n papa looked so alike on this photo. Like father like son mah...

Me n mama

So happy to go home....i'm a bit home sick....hee...hee

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