East Coast

14 December 2007 (Friday)

Since gong-gong and po-po bought me the sand-castle tools, papa has always wanted to bring me to the beach. As the weather was sunny (the whole week is raining), we quickly set off to East Coast before it rain again...

First time to the beach and i'm quite scared. Papa carried me to try scooping up the sand.

Papa let me stood on the sand and I watched Auntie Kris building sand-castle.

Ooh....first time touching the sand...

Hey, I'm allowed to dirty my hands!

And I can played water too!

I'm more comfortable with the sand now and can played by myself.

See... I looked like a pro!

Wow! The weather is so hot but the water is cold!

Running away from the wave.

This is a good example of Big and Small! Papa is big and Leroy is small :)

Me n papa enjoying the breeze.

After washing up, we were all so thirsty and it's my milk-milk time! We head for a Hong Kong Cafe beside Mc Donald for our tea break.

Me n papa waiting for our food to be served.

Taking a sip from papa's nai-cha.

Yummies, not enough, so papa let me suck from the straw.

After our afternoon tea, we decided to take a walk around east coast recreational centre.

Trying out the slide...

A satisfying smile :)

Another go with the help from papa.

My favourite! Driving using a steering wheel...

Exploring around, see whether got any more interesting stuff...

Wow! 2 steering wheel.. hee..hee... :)

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