Hair Cut

25 January 2008 (Friday)

Chinese New Year coming, so mama brought me to Suntec City's Junior League to have my hair cut. The usual hair stylist uncle was on leave so an auntie cut my hair this time round.

Wow! Auntie give me a big guitar to play with.

The LCD screen was playing my favourite show - Hi5!

Auntie, please be careful, I still want my eyebrow.

Hee hee... i have one whole basket of sweets!

Auntie vacuuming away my hair.

Mmm... not too bad...
After lunch, we took a direct bus from Suntec City back home. There were only 5 persons on the bus, that's why auntie Kris said that it was like taking a taxi ha...ha and a huge taxi too ! The bus was fast, it took us only half an hour to reach home.

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