Lunar New Year

7 February 2008 (Thursday)

It was first day of Lunar New Year, and mama specially bought me a red Baby Mickey polo to wear for this festive period. Me first time wearing long pants too ... hee... hee

Me and papa wishing all of you : Gong Xi Gong Xi

No toy today, so i played with my two tangerines.

Let me introduce: my xiao gu and her daughter - Auntie Nikki and Cousin Raeann. Raeann is one week older than me.

From this photo can tell who was the mischevious one..ha...ha

Mama and Raeann. They both shared the same birthday!

Me and grandpa.

Me and yee yee at her house. Yee yee always said that i'm her darling nephew..hee...hee

9 February 2008 (Saturday)
It was the third day of cny and was classmates gathering day for mama at our house. The first batch that came to our house was mama secondary school classmates. We have auntie Michelle, Auntie Tonia and her family and Auntie Susanne.
This is auntie Tonia daughter and also my friend - Sara. Sara loves to take picture!

Sara playing with my cooking toys.

Mama always told me to be a gracious boy to share toys with my friend.

Me and Sara were big fans of Hi5!

The second batch that came to our house were mama poly's friends. We have auntie Magdelene and her niece, auntie Ai Ling family, auntie Pauline family, auntie Bonnie family and auntie Judy family.

10 February 2008 (Sunday)
We were going yee yee house as she had invited her colleagues to her house and she wanted to show off her nephew - that is me to her colleagues.. ha...ha

Mama let me played her handphone in order to take a picture of me :)

Me playing peek-a-boo with po-po.

Po-po build this "castle" for me.

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