Outing - Kids Kampong

30 July 2010 (Friday)

The school bought us to Kids Kampong to learn more about pets and small animals.

Weather: Raining heavily in the morning

As it was an outdoor activity, both adult and children must wear rain coat.

Uncle showing us little white mice.

We were told to hold the mouse by their tail.

All of us had a chance to hi-5 with this rabbit :)

Long-kang fishing!

I didn't manage to catch any fish, but my teacher caught two fishes for me :)

Mama, I want to feed the bunnies!

I had a good time feeding the bunnies :)

Mama gave me the whole packet of feed so I must handle with care and not dropped it.

Snack time! I'm super hungry.

The people there topped up our fishes (as many of us didn't catch any fish) and packed them nicely for us to bring home.

Stuff that I bought home - fishes, bucket and a net.

It was a good experience for me - fishing in the rain :)

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