Hippo Bus & Ducktour

28 October 2010 (Thursday)

The school had organised a hippo bus and ductktour for us in relation to our theme for this term - Transport.

I was very excited about taking the hippo bus as I always looked with interest when I saw the hippo bus passby Orchard Road. And now I had the chance to take the hippo bus and we were lucky to have a sunny day on that day after so many days of haze :)

This was our hippo bus - hippo bus without the hippo ha ha... And the highlight was...the hippo bus came to our school to fetch us :)

All of us were seated on the upper deck with an open roof.

When the bus was not moving, it was super hot!

Once the bus moved, the feeling of the breeze in our hair was superb!

I enjoyed the unrestricted view on the hippo bus throughout the journey.

The hippo bus send us to Suntec to take the ducktour.

All the kids were given a life jacket.

Watching a video on the safety rules before boarding the duck.

All of us were given a duck whistle.

As I seem bored on the duck, mama gave me a book to occupy my time. Compare to the hippo bus, I wasn't very excited about the ducktour, I even asked mama: "Can we go home now?" halfway on the ducktour!

The hippo bus send us back to school after the ducktour. This picture was taken inside the tunnel.

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