Farms & Factory Tour

27 November 2010 (Saturday)

Together with mama's ex-colleagues, we went for a 1 day farms & factory tour in Malaysia.

Buffet style nasi lemak for breakfast. The fried mushroom was yummy!

A unique way to enjoy our breakfast - eating nasi lemak under a tentage in a kampong!

This was my first time eating nasi lemak!

The local guide explaining how mushrooms are cultivated. It takes about 65 days to harvest the mushrooms.

Next time when we want to buy mushrooms, must choose the smaller ones, they are more nutritious compared to the bigger one.

Mushrooms are grown in this way.

A typical malay house behind us.

Our lunch - fuzhou fish ball soup and red wine chicken...

Our next stop - a Foo Chow Noodle Factory.

This man making the noodles using a rod - he sat on the rod and rocked the rod as if he was sitting on a see-saw :)

My turn!

Cooking the noodles.

Our gang of nine!

Pineapple at one of the farm.

A banana tree!

Taking a closer look at the banana tree - a rare sight for city folks like us.

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