Public Holiday

5 November 2010 (Friday)

It was Deepavali, so no school for me and no work for papa, hooray!

Morning - We went to Swensens to have our breakfast.

My usual activity at Swensens - some colouring fun while waiting for our food to be ready.

Mama ordered a pancake kiddy meal for me.

Afternoon - Car wash at a petrol kiosk.

Ever since papa brought me along for a car wash some time ago, I had been pestering him to bring me again.

I enjoyed sitting inside the car, watching the car washer cleaning our car. I told papa that I want to be a car washer too... ha ha

Evening - Mama ex-colleagues' gathering at our house.

Tiffany and me enjoyed watching the Barney dvd.

We both love to dance along with the kids in the show :)

This was what happen when Barney sing the "I love you" song ...with a great big hug......

Orange juice time! This picture was a good example of the stages in growing up - before three (years old), drink from a straw, after three, drink from the cup...hee hee

Our dessert for the night, mama loves the durian puff :)

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