Kid's Fun Tour

26 December 2010 (Sunday)

Together with our neighbour, we joined Punggol 21 cc for a Kid's Fun Tour where we visited a wheat grass farm and Kid's Kampong. The price was so attractive - $4 per pax :)

Kin Yan Agrotech Farm

The personnel-in-charge giving us a brief introduction of their products.

Wheat grass were planted in this way.

Wheat grass just required 7 days to harvest!

Dou Miao

Fresh mushroom cultivation.

Edible cactus - mama bought some home to cook soup for me.

After our KFC lunch at White Sands (Pasir Ris), we proceed to Kid's Kampong.

For this trip to Kid's Kampong, I did not tried the Longkang fishing as mama said that I do not know how to take care of the fishes and left the care of the fishes to aunty Kris on my previous trip here. So this time was more of looking at different animals and feeding them.

Koi fish - these fishes were so well-fed that when we throw in the feeds, they did not seem interested.

The most interesting part for me was to feed the rabbits :)


Besides the feeds provided by Kid's Kampong, mama bought some carrots and dried grass for me to feed the rabbits.

Feeding the duckies.




I was so warm after feeding the animals, so mama gave me....

An ice-cream treat!

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