Meeting My Friends

15 December 2010 (Wednesday)

I was meeting Ethan and Matthew for an outing to The Road Safety Park.

The last time that mama went to the park was when she was in primary school. Wow! That was quite a long time ago. Mama said that most of the kids during that time were brought to the park by their school to learn about road safety.

Now, the Road Safety Park is opened to the public everyday :)

Matthew was late, so Ethan and me went in to the park to explore around while waiting for him. The park was quiet as there was nobody except us.

"Good afternoon sir, welcome to shell station. V-Power?"

We had to hold hands to cross the road.

Fooling around at the "bus stop".

By the time Matthew arrived, it started to drizzle so we quickly ran to the nearby KFC to seek shelter.

While waiting for the rain to stop, we played board games at KFC.

An hour later, it was still drizzling so all of us decided to go back home to have our nap.
It might be a short outing, but I had fun playing together with my friends.

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