2011 Lunar New Year

Reunion Dinner - 2 February (Wednesday)

Together with ye-ye, ah ma, gong gong, po-po, yee yee and gu-gu, we had our reunion dinner at a restaurant in Bedok.

The waitress preparing our Fa Cai Yu Sheng.

My grandparents :)

I also joined in to toss the yusheng.

One of the dishes that we had.

Using two mandarin oranges and a chopstick, I told mama that I made a dumb-bell :)
1st day of CNY - 3 February (Thursday)

Gong Xi Gong Xi !

Every year, ah ma will prepare this plate of auspicious items and placed it on papa's desk :)

We visited ye-ye's house on the 1st day of CNY and I had fun playing with Raeann :)

As there was no toy at ah ma's house, mama gave me ah ma's pots and pans to play cooking.

Games for the new generation kids - iphone...

Playing "wheel of fortune" with uncle Burt.
2nd day of CNY - 4 February (Friday)
We went to po-po's house for lunch.
As papa and me were not feeling well, we left shortly after lunch and stayed at home for the rest of the day.
3rd day of CNY - 5 February (Saturday)
In the morning, mama brought me to her poly's friends gathering at aunty Florence's house. Mama was busy talking to her friends that she forgot to take any photographs :)
At aunty Florence's house, I tried the kick scooter for the first time and I manage to slide the scooter very slowly. Mama told papa about my "achievement" when we got home and papa mentioned that we can consider buying a kick scooter for me if I am well-behaved, hurray!
In the evening, mama brought me to her ex-colleague gathering at aunty Angela's house. And for the first time, I asked for strawberries to be put on top of my cake and ate it! This was really an achievement for me as previously I refused to try any strawberry.

Mama bought this cake for our dessert.

4th day of CNY - 6 February (Sunday)
Another gathering for mama. This time was at her secondary school friend aunty Michelle's house. Same thing, she was busy catching up with her friends and forgot to take any photo :)

Making sure that I had 2 oranges inside my bag before leaving the house.

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