Goat and Crocodile Farm

20 June 2011 (Monday)

This morning, mama brought me to the goat farm and crocodile farm organised by the singaporemotherhood bp.

On our way to the goat farm.

The goats were ready to be milked.

The personnel-in-charge giving us a brief introduction on their goats.

Milk collected from the goats were stored into this tank.

We were not allowed to touch the goats and feed them, so we just walked around the farm to see the goats from a distance.

All of us were given a bottle of goat milk. My first time drinking goat milk :)

Mama decided to buy some goat milk home.

We were given a fridge magnet as souvenir :)

Our next stop was the crocodile farm.

Will it be scary?

These were crocodile. (Above and below photo)

The personnel-in-charge explaining to us the difference between the crocodile and the alligator.


- Head is more V-shaped

- Upper & lower jaw are of the same width

- Can see their teeth when they closed their mouth


- Head is more U-shaped

- Upper jaw wider than the lower jaw

- Cannot see their teeth when they closed their mouth

These were alligators. (Above and below photo)

Showing us the crocodile and alligator skins.

Mama bought this education kit for me.

Our souvenir - crocodile skin magnet.

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