Ice-Cream Workshop

4 June 2011 (Saturday)

Knowing that I love ice-cream, mama brought me to a Ice-Cream Workshop cum Buffet @ Udders Novena organised by

This was a hands-on workshop that taught us how to make ice-cream at home using simple tools.

This workshop was very interactive and I won $10 voucher after giving a correct answer :)

I had a good time at the workshop!

After mixing milk and cream and adding the chocolate sauce, we poured the mixture into a small ziplock bag.

Next, we put the small ziplock bag into a big ziplock bag filled with ice and salt. Wrapped the big ziplock bag with a towel and gently massage it.

When the mixture in the small ziplock bag had harden, my ice-cream was ready! As I still have slight diarrhea, I promised mama that I will only have 2 tiny spoonful of my self-made ice cream. Mmm... it was yummy!

We decided not to have any ice-cream during the buffet. Mama gave me a few pieces of waffles with chocolate sauce. But she promised to bring me back for the ice-cream when I'm fully recovered from my fever.

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