Singapore Art Museum

16 June 2011 (Thursday)

Mama had actually planned to bring me to the beach but it was raining in the morning, so we made a quick change in plan and headed to the Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum :)

Dancing Solar Flowers

This lively installation of solar-powered mechanical flowers nod, or rock gently, in response to indoor lighting conditions.

Mummy Dearest

I helped to dress up the dolls in this fantasy candy-coloured world of giant dolls, complete with a wardrobe of clothes and shoes - inspired by old-fashioned cut-out paper dolls. I also decorated an enormous three-tiered cake for mummy :)


We played with the colours and shapes in this toddlers' playroom installation, inspired by the rainbow that reflect hope and happiness.


This section required us to colour the dots on a piece of paper and using large coloured discs to build a huge picture.

I am not able to grasp the idea but I enjoyed colouring the dots along with a brunch of kids :)

Lightning Action

From bare white installation, special lighting effect changes the white boxes into boxes of toys that we were familiar with :)


Exploring the urban geography and topography of the dream-like universe - built entirely of modular toy train tracks that create spontaneous, whimsical colour patterns covered the gallery space.

I spent a good half an hour in this gallery building train tracks with the jie-jie there and watching the trains chugga chugga choo choo along the tracks :)


A colourful fruit market and we can create our favourite paper fruit here!

Tree of Love

Paper-mache animal dolls created by children and participants from non-profit organisations with the artist - to inspire social harmony. We can draw and colour on the tree trunk too :)

Elephant Sitting and Elephant at Rest

Coming up-close with two art elephants and decorate them with colourful stickers.

After this, we took a quick lunch break at nearby MacDonald before continuing with the tour in the museum.

Animation Film Screening

We watched a 24-min short film - Lost and Found from the United Kingdom.

Activity Room

I had some colouring fun at the activity room :)

This ended our half day visit to SAM.

Before heading home, mama brought me to the Guan Ying temple near middle road to pray for good health as it was my birthday :)

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