School Holidays Fun with Cousin and Friend

28 November 2011 (Monday)

I was so happy as Raeann came over to stay for a night :)

Raeann made a christmas card for me ...

and I made a christmas card for her :)

Our christmas cards ...

Mama wanted us to experience the whole process of sending out a christmas card - we pasted a stamp on the addressed envelope and dropped it in the mail box :)

In the afternoon, we made chocolate chip cookies :)

29 November 2011 (Tuesday)

Mama invited aunty Tonia and Si-Ying to join us :)

Three of us - same age and also born in the same month :)

Let me introduced - (from left) step-sister, step-mother and the prince from the story of Cinderella. Surprisingly, nobody wanted to be Cinderella!

Three noisy "puppies" on the MRT train :)

Enjoying a story-telling session at Serangoon library.

After the story-telling session, we made a related craft - a chicken !

Our Mexican doll and Japanese doll that we painted earlier.

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