New School

9 January 2012 (Monday)

Since the school re-opened for this year, I has began a new milestones in my school life - I am attending a one-year preparatory track to prepare me for primary school next year :)

I will still attend my kindergarten in the morning ( but on a 3 days basis per week - thanks to Mrs Leong, my kindergarten's principal for being so accommodating) and in the afternoon, I will attend the preparatory track - 5 times a week.

To train me to be more independent, I am also taking the school bus home after my prepartaory track :)

Mama hope that I will have a good time learning and playing in my two schools.

The photos below were taken on my second day of school to preparatory track.

Getting ready to go downstairs to wait for my school bus.

Mama said that I looked like a big boy in this school uniform :)

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