23 February 2012 (Thursday)
Mama and aunty Kris always have a hard time getting me to go for my shower as I always like to do other things and make a big fuss except going to the shower!
In school, we have a schedule (like a time table but without the time) where teachers will write down the steps that the students have to go through during each lesson time. This work really well for us as we know what will be coming next by just looking at the schedule, no surprise. By pre-empting us, we feel more in control of the situation thus reducing alot of tantrum triggering.
Since schedule work for me, mama decided to provide me with a schedule during those mornings where I do not have school. It work so well .... no screaming and shouting, no fuss no tantrum, mama just asked me: "what next on the schedule" , after checking the schedule, I would reply "shower" and proceed to the toilet to have my shower.
Mornings are peaceful and smoother now.... :)

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