Staycation - Pan Pacific Hotel

3 - 4 February 2012 (Friday - Saturday)

It was papa and mama 10th year wedding anniversary so they decided to have a staycation at Pan Pacific Hotel.

For this staycation, we were practically - eating and kidding around :)

Even the public phone became a playing tool for us :)

Papa giving me a piggyback, I was tired after playing at the playground at Marina Square.

Luckily we brought our Bingo game to the hotel as there was nothing much to do in the room.

Playing with my iphone to occupy my time.

To make our stay more interesting, papa ordered room service for our breakfast.

I was so delighted to see the food served in our room :)

I love the breakfast :)
Mama felt that Pan Pacific was not a kids-friendly hotel :
- They only had adult pool which was not suitable for kids.
- The only kids channel on the TV was Cartoon Network, which I do not like.
- Their Kids Room was no longer available.
Hotels at Resort World will be a more interesting option for family staycation...

After checking-out from the hotel, mama brought me to Esplanade to join a Chinese New Year Bean Art workshop.

Together with mama, this was our bean art creation - a smiling aeroplane!

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