Report Book

24 May 2012 (Thursday)

I brought back my report book yesterday. Daddy and mommy were happy with my performance in school  :)

2012 Semester 1 Progress Report

English - 98/100
Show enthusiasm in learning. Participates actively during class discussion. Well done! Needs more practice with penmanship skills.

Mathematics - 93/100
Is an enthusiastic student who is able to grasp concepts taught. Participates actively during lessons. Needs reminders not to rush to complete written work.

Daily Living Skills - Excellent
Is able to perform independently all the Daily Living Skills taught in this semester.

Discovery - Very Good
Participates actively and interacts well during sharing time. Shows fairly good knowledge of animal topics. Enjoys hands-on activities and games.

Information Technology - Very Good
Is able to complete the project with gestural prompt and apply at least 75% of the skills taught.

Leisure Skills - Good
Is able to follow instructions. Displays good technique. Enjoys drawing, painting and pasting.

Overall Comments
Leroy is a well-behaved student. He is helpful towards teachers and classmates. He enjoys participating in all group activities and games.

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