Art Garden @ SAM

4 June 2012 (Monday)

After our lunch, we set off to the Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q. This was the third year that I visited the Art Garden and my second time with Raeann  :)

Ping Pong Go-Round
We had lots of fun playing ping pong on a donut-shaped table.

Echoes-Infinity-The Forest
We had to wear a cover for our shoes before entering this exhibit!

Colouring and stamping at the Activity Room.

Everyday Wonder
Each admission ticket entitled us to a clay flower where we used objects such as paper clips and clothes pegs to create pattern on the flower. 

Dress Me Up
We loved dressing up this gigantic cake :)

I requested to have photo taken with this two dolls. They were created by Sheikh Haikel and Gurmit Singh from 'Knockout All Stars' - one of my favourite show from okto :)

The Art of Imagination
Drawing on the cardboard boxes.

Reactive Wall
Using different pitches of our voice, we can change the images on the screen.

Let's Dance
Boogie to our heart's content and watched our moves being projected on the screen with other participants.

This squid-like exhibit will turn colourful as we got closer to it.

Grow the Garden in the Dark
Raeann and me folded a origami leave for the garden  :)


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