In-line Skating

15 June 2012 (Friday)

For this June school holidays, mommy signed up a 5-day in-line skating class for me to learn a new sport.

First Day:
We learnt about putting on the different protective gears and the correct way of falling.

Second Day:
We learnt to stand up and "march" in V-shape. I kept falling so I tried "marching" on the mat instead.

Third Day:
I tried skating on the floor and I fell down so many times...

Fourth Day:
I can skate slightly but still keep falling down.

Fifth Day:
I managed to skate one whole round the school without falling and at a faster speed  :)


Although I kept falling down, I never gave up and never cried and kept on trying until I was able to skate. Mommy was so proud of me as this was the right spirit to learn a new sport and any other things. We should never let things keep us down, we have to bounce back up like a yo-yo!

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