Pizza Making Workshop @ Pizza Hut

7 June 2012 (Thursday)

Together with Raeann, we went to Pizza Hut @ Funan to attend a pizza making workshop.

We were given a short presentation of pizza hut's history.

I won a soccer ball when I answered a question correctly during the quiz section  :)

Divided into two groups, the kids were given a kitchen tour.

While waiting for the other group to complete their kitchen tour, we played musical chairs  :)

The ingredients for our pizza.

The service crew introducing the ingredients to us.

We were ready for pizza making!

My pizza was ready for the oven  :)

While waiting for our pizza to be ready, we were served snack - garlic bread and chicken wings ... my favourite!

Our pizza were ready ... fresh from the oven  :)

All the kids from the workshop were invited to Mikko's (a girl from the same workshop) birthday celebration.

The sporty crews from pizza hut singing the birthday song  :)

Eating the birthday cupcake.

We were given a certificate, a photograph and a goodies bag.

Pizza Hut - You're the best, I had so much fun at the workshop!

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