Island Adventures @ National Museum

2 July 2012 (Monday)

Mummy has wanted to bring me to National Museum of Singapore - Children's Season 2012 during the June school holidays but due to our 'packed' schedule, we could not find the time to go there. Finally we made a trip down on Youth Day school holiday.

Ahoy! All onboard!
This section was built on a structure that resemble a ship. I was so excited when I saw the ship  :)

I had fun moving the ship from different part of the world to Singapore.

Port City
This section was very interesting. I spent quite a bit of time here playing with the interactive displays.

Using the materials provided to build a kampong.


I caught my first fish!

Mending the 'hole' on the sail.

Mmm ... A strong and hardworking coolie  :)

A cute little hawker selling noodles  :)

Want some kopi?

A letter writer.

Buildings that had been demolished.

Mummy had visited this aquarium with gong-gong and yee-yee many years ago ...

Mummy remembered ... she had been to this theatre with her granny to watch Teochew opera show....

Initially, mummy was contemplating whether to bring me to the museum on their open house day. In the end, we made a good decision to visit it on a weekday where there was not much crowd. We took our time to visit each section and I was able to spend more time on those interactive displays that interest me.

Who know, we might pop by during their open house day on 21 or 22 July where there will be more activities like the roving acts, craft activity, song and dance performances and story-telling sessions.

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