Factories Visit and iExperience

5 September 2012 (Wednesday)

We joined Sengkang CC for a day of educational tour:

1) Yakult Factory

This factory was the main reason that mom signed up for this tour :)

We were given a complimentary bottle of Yakult and the personnel-in-charge shared some interesting facts about Yakult with us:

- Singapore is the only country that sells different flavours of Yakult. All other countries only have the original flavour :)

- The Yakult bottle in Singapore is bigger than most countries :)

- Our Yakult comes with straws while some other countries do not have  :)

After the talk, the kids and the adult were separated into two groups to tour the factory. The kids' group was conducted in English while the adults' group was conducted in Mandarin.

After the factory tour, the kids also watched a video show.

Our first visit to Yakult factory!

All of us were given a bottle of Yakult.

The room where they cultivate the good bacteria.

The packing room. The factory even manufacture their own Yakult's bottles!

2 ) Soon Kueh & Curry Puff Factory

3) Otah Factory

4) iExperience

This centre was located at the Esplanade Xchange and aimed to educate the public on our Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network ie. the fibre broadband.

The kids may not understand most of the broadband thingy but we had so much fun with the interactive and engaging exhibits  :)

I made friend with this boy sitting beside me. His name was Winston and he was same age as me.

This group photo was complimentary from iExperience :)

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