Genting Highland

Backdated -
5 to 7 October 2012 (Friday - Sunday)

The previous time that we went to Genting was 2 years ago ...

This time we had a bigger contingent - 15 pax! It includes aunty Nikki family, aunty Angela family, our family and ye-ye and ah ma. 15 of us occupied the whole upper deck of our coach  :)

We were so happy to reach Genting after such a long journey on the coach.

Everyone love to carry the youngest member of our group - Joshua  :)

I was too tall for most of the rides at the indoor theme park ( most rides had a height limit of 1.22m) so I had to settle with riding on this junior bumper car.

After our dinner, we occupied our time by playing at the arcade.

With ye-ye and ah ma.

It was very cold in the morning at the outdoor theme park.

It was aunty Nikki birthday on the last day of our trip  :)

Compare to our previous trip at Genting, I did not really enjoyed this trip cos I was having a running nose and I felt so drowsy after taking the medicine. And I can't take some rides due to the height limit - super unhappy!
Think this will be the last time that we will be travelling to Genting...

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