I Dropped Two Teeth!

16 October 2012 (Tuesday)

Laying down on my bed for the night, I was wiggling my very loose tooth, suddenly I told mom : "Mom, I think my tooth dropped!"

Since my tooth started to get loose a month ago, my tooth finally dropped. I was very excited as it was my first experience of loosing my baby tooth and it was painless!

Big event for me and everyone at home - loosing my first baby tooth  :)

After taking some photo of me and my tooth and rinsing my mouth, I was back on my bed. Not too long, mom heard me saying: "Mom, my tooth dropped again!".

After loosing two baby teeth  :)
Oh boy! I dropped two teeth in one night, just half an hour apart! Mom said this was the first time she heard of anyone loosing two baby teeth on the same day, ha ha....
For me, I was so happy and excited ... I carefully placed my two baby teeth in a bag and put them under my pillow....

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