Movie Party

12 October 2012 (Friday)

I do not like to watch movie and not even those cartoon movies ....

Recently, mom borrowed the Finding Nemo dvd again from the library (she can't remember how many times she had borrowed this dvd as I always refused to watch the show).

As usual, when she offered to switch on the show for me, I told her that "I don't want to watch!"

This time, she told me that she and aunty Kris will be having a movie party, ie. they will watch Finding Nemo and eat crackers, snacks and drinks. When I heard the word "movie party", my eyes brighten up.... (wink *** wink ***) and decided to join them for the "party".

I helped to prepare the snacks for everyone  :)

The Finding Nemo dvd that mom borrowed from the library.

Watching the movie with food and drinks  :)
In the end, I finished the whole movie (clap...clap) and told mom that I like the show  :)
Mom was so happy, at last I tried something that I always refused ... she just wanted me to experience the joy of watching a good movie and moreover, Finding Nemo was a very educational show. Mom said she will bring me to the cinema to watch Finding Nemo 3D that is coming soon  :)
(After the "movie party", I have been asking mom to let me watched Finding Nemo for several evenings ....)

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