Present from Tooth Fairy

17 October 2012 (Wednesday)

Since my tooth became loose, mom has been telling me that my tooth will drop very soon. Upon hearing that, I had the impression that my tooth will drop because I had cavity. But mom told me that it was not because of cavity but a natural process of growing up where baby teeth will be replaced by adult teeth. To let me learnt more about baby teeth and adult teeth, mom borrowed some books from the library and it also include books about tooth fairy....

I was very excited when my tooth dropped, cos I was expecting the tooth fairy to give me a present in exchange for my tooth ha ha...

I wrote this letter last night, before my tooth dropped. Maybe, I can sense that I will loose my tooth soon  :)

When I woke up in the morning, the two baby teeth under my pillow were gone. Replacing them were two little presents from the tooth fairy (wink **) 

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