Report Book

14 November 2012 (Wednesday)

2012 Semester 2 Progress Report:

English Language - 95/100
Has done very well. Has good vocabulary and makes an effort to contribute ideas during lessons. Needs to further improve penmanship skills.

Mathematics - 90/100
Is attentive, participative and meticulous. Has been diligent in doing his daily assignments and has shown an eagerness to improve. Pays attention to details.

Daily Living Skills - Very Good
Is able to perform independently most of the Daily Living Skills taught with visuals and work systems in this semester.

Discovery - Excellent
Shows keen interest in the topics taught. Participates well during class discussions and activities. Leroy is given the Best Discoverer Award in his class.

Information Technology - Very Good
Is able to complete the project with gestural prompt and apply at least 75% of the skills taught.

Leisure Skills - Excellent
Is able to generate ideas with given theme. Is bold and expressive in his drawings.

Overall Comments
Leroy demonstrates enthusiasm in learning and works well with his peers. He is given the Most Contributive Pupil Award in his class.

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